Donald Kolberg   Sculpture, Painting, Drawing

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                Donald's wire mesh sculpture, steel ribbon art, monotypes, monoprints and painting embraces the organic development of perception as it relates to medium and message presented by movement and the human form in its figurative, abstract and organic appearance, Life Forms.

His galleries include explorations into steel mesh, recovered church stained glass, steel ribbons, spray paint, collage monotypes, monoprints and projects that expand upon the continual influences of past and present art.

ART CORE, his international newsletter, is devoted to open dialogue, interviews and exhibition of emerging and established artists. Donald's art blog provides up to date information about the artist's current projects, discoveries, book reviews and art information from around the web.

Please click here to see some of the most recent art work created by Donald Kolberg

Representation at the
 Parker Gallery
600 Sea Island Road
Saint Simons Island, Georgia




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